I am a Chicano graduate student and teaching assistant in the Department of Philosophy at Texas Tech University. I am also a TExES Social Studies 7–12 (232) Certified Teacher in the state of Texas. During Fall of 2017, I was a visiting student in the Department of Philosophy & Humanities at the University of Texas at Arlington. Before that, I taught Government at Red Oak High School and graduated cum laude with my B.A. in Education at Southwestern AG University, where I studied Secondary Education with a concentration in History/Social Sciences and a minor in Philosophy & Religion. 
My current philosophical interests are in Metaphysics (the existence of abstract objects, the philosophy of time, Free will, and the metaphysics of modality), Social and Political Philosophy (Philosophy of Race, Critical Race Theory, Latinx Philosophy), Philosophy of Law (Constitutional Interpretation, Critical Race Theory, and Theories of Legal Punishment) and in Philosophy of Religion (Religious Epistemology, Natural Theology, Religious Meta-ethical Theories, Divine Omniscience, Divine eternity, and the relationship between God & Abstract Objects). 
Outside of philosophy, I am:
engaged to the woman of my dreams (Lauren Casey); an avid reader of history, sociology, and theology; a musician; an aquarist (a fancy name for fish-keeper); occasionally attending salsa dance lessons; a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the San Antonio Spurs (and all non-Patriot Boston teams); and am an advocate of social justice for marginalized populations such as racial minorities, those with special needs, and women.